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The Story of a Maker

I have always gravitated towards creating and travel. I'm also a bit of a magpie and frequently have rocks and other found objects in my pockets. Following seven years in the Navy I pursued a degree in Studio Arts. During my final semester I took a Glass Blowing class that changed my life! Frequent moves led me to find a more portable option of hot glass and I stumbled onto lampworking, or flame-worked glass, and learned to make glass beads. This has expanded into my current love of jewelry design. I frequently use glass beads (my own!), semi-precious stones, up-cycled tin, found objects (finally using my pocket collections!), along with leather and mixed metals including: sterling silver, copper, brass, bronze and dark annealed steel. I gravitate towards clean design with a bohemian flare and an added playfulness. I have a propensity for perfection and attention to detail. Mostly I design and create what I would wear! I'm always striving to learn more to expand my skill-set and keep my creative options limitless. Now I am also sharing techniques that I have learned to help others grow in their own creative journeys.

                                     ~ Michelle Tucker

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